Open-School Multischool

Manage a distributed Network of Institutions from one point

Single click login & switching between all schools in the group

Easily login as the Admin of all the schools in the group. You will see what they see and you can perform all the actions they can.

Manage information of all schools in the group

Easily manage the information about each branch in your network of institutions.

Generate comparative reports between the schools

The Super admin will be able to compare between Teachers and Students of different schools.

Centralized User management

Manage the data of all the users who are in the system from a single area.

Centralized User Role management

Create and Manage user roles for all the schools.

Jobs To-Be-Done

People buy a product or services to get a “job” done. We believe that the key to customer success is creating products based on "jobs" that are essential to our client and training/supporting them throughout the product life-cycle. Let us give you some sample “Jobs” that can be performed by the Super Admin who manages a group of schools. The functions shown below are created on request as per the unique requirements of each client.

Super Admin Jobs

  • View List of Students with Pending Fees and send Notice to School Principal via Email
  • Track and view LIVE data of Factors such as
    1. Total Fee Due per School
    2. Total Fee Collected per School
  • Track important Matrices over multiple years
    1. Growth in Fees Collections
    2. Growth in Number of Delayed Payments
    3. Growth in Student Enrollments
  • Communicate En-mass to Divisional Heads about Yearly Academic Goals and Performance Benchmarks of the Group via SMS, Email etc. and track Email-Opening.
  • Track and view LIVE data of Factors such as
    1. Student Performance
    2. Student Attendance
    3. Disciplinary Actions Taken
  • Track Growth in New Student Enrolments for each School vs Factors such as
    1. Average Grade for Each School
    2. Growth in Staff Size
  • Identify Relationship between different Measurable Factors, so as to make better Investments and Strategic planning for the Entire Group.

Eg: Track Change in Average Grade for Each School over two academic years.

Do you wish to get Live and accurate data from your group of institutions?

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