Top 6 Reasons why you must use a Student Information System with Library Management Module

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Library Management Module

When you are looking to go digital, the first purchase will be to go for a cloud-based School management software. When choosing a Student Information System, you must make sure to check the Library management functionality in the system. A library management system is vital to your school Library in the following ways;

  1. It will increase efficiency
    A library management system (LMS or ILS, integrated library system or Library Module of School ERP) enhances the efficiency of the librarians and library users. a decent library management system allows librarians to easily catalog books and keep correct records of books issued, reissued, and those not returned. On the other hand, library users will easily check the availability of any book that they need.
  2. It reduces the cost of managing a library
    A library management system reduces the cost of Library management. The system eliminates the need to employ many staff and keep several manual files thereby reducing the cost. In addition, one librarian will accomplish what more than what several others can do within the same time. One laptop also can store plenty of information eliminating the need for several manual files.
  3. It saves time substantially
    Time is of the essence for both librarians and students. The librarian will simply record and go through the history of individual library users. On the other hand, the library users will know the placement and availability of a specific book quicker than before. This way, both the librarian and also the student will accomplish more with less time.
  4. It will increase the productivity of library staff
    Automating your day to day processes will help to increase the productivity of the staff. An ILS ensures that the staff spends their time doing what’s necessary. Due to the growing ease of doing their work, staff will engage in other necessary activities within the library without the library incurring any extra cost.
  5. It enhances the presentation of the library
    A library ought to be most concerned with the appearance and tidiness as it deals with hundreds of books. A library with a good management system looks tidy and engaging. The librarians will arrange the offered books in smart order, whereas the students will find them easily. It, therefore, will increase the comfort and delight of the librarians and the library users.
  6. Today’s students Need it
    The current generation of Students have access to a plethora of information, but how much of it is genuine is a cause for concern. Left unchecked, this deluge of information can end up filling young minds with false or unauthentic information. A library remains the prominent place where students can find refuge from the noise of information gathered from internet browsing and get the authentic information. But at the same time, the digital age calls for digital methods of making the library a part of every student’s academic life. The best way of making this move to digital would be using a mobile application, which allows the student to search for books and make requests 24*7.

We know that choosing the best Student Information System system is hard. I hope that with this article you have some more insight into making the right choice for your institution. To know more about Student Information Systems, you can read our previous article about the cost, return and features of School ERP systems.


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